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I’m in a dvd phase at the moment – just spent $150 on DVDs, a mix of documentaries and sci-fi series (the sanctuary). Gosh I did not know that there are so many series out there. If not for my chance discovery of SFX magazine, I would still be pretty ignorant. And did I mention I totally heart IRT’s Deadliest Roads?? Lisa Kelly is way cool, wish I could drive a truck too!

Also I found out that next year my annual leave will come in a block of 5 weeks, so yay! Was planning to do a language immersion course in Japan but my mum really wants to make a trip to Europe with me, kind of like a mother-daughter trip thing, which is kindda cool. Anyway, we have decided to go Barcelona and Madrid instead so I can really work on my spanish and take the Spanish exam next year. I have been holding off on taking the exam for the last 4 years! When I’m in Guatemala early next year, I will be taking language lessons too, so that will be a good jumpstart to accelerate my Vocab learning.

Am in a really happy mood. 🙂 hopefully I can wake to go to the gym tomorrow. I was so psyched out by block runs that I refused to head to the gym this morning. Today’s trainer works hard on the cardiovascular side of stuff – you can tell training is more intense as more guys rock up to his circuits. We get a different trainer to run each morning circuit which adds a good variety to our workouts. Tomorrow’s trainer is more renowned for core muscle building so I’m not that stressed. Any maybe I will get myself one of those training gloves as I like how boxing adds to my training value. Will probably try to incorporate boxing into my soccer training when I return to the city to work next year.


I need to change the tyres on my car. I have noticed the tread marks on two tyres are almost worn. On the 4 hour drive back from the country, I skidded not once, but five times, and I had to stay in the faster lane because the other half of the road was soaked and I was constantly skidding. Which of course is a dilemma since I was having to speed in the first lane in order not to road hog. I think I’m gonna get Yokohama tyres, Bridgestone does not seem to be very durable at all.

And since I am not getting a new car soon (I have decided 200000km will be the max mileage before I upgrade and I’m at 90000km now), I’m thinking of upgrading my car’s stereo. It’s ancient at the moment – one disc player and no jacks to play my iPod! Was looking at Bose (love their sound quality) but I don’t think it is as easy as getting a stereo and subwoofer and then bringing them to the mechanic to get them installed. Apparently some in built car stereos cannot be removed??

I will have to start asking for quotes I suppose…

On exciting work-related news, I have got a list of rotations for next year. I will be doing a medical year which is what I wanted so I’m really pleased. Hoping to get the rotations I want and my 5 week annual leave in the later part of the year so I can save enough to travel. Really estatic that my annual leave is not spilt into 2weeks/3weeks like this year. Makes it way easier and worthwhile to travel to far-flung areas!

Watched Contagion today with a friend. I mainly wanted to watch Kate Winslet since I like her acting, but I have also heard good reviews from (non-medical) friends.

Except I didn’t enjoy the show at all. I fell asleep. The show was neither thrilling nor engaging. And Kate Winslet look way different from the person she was in Titanic. Has she put on the pounds?

I resolved not to watch medical shows anymore. Ever since I became a doctor, shows such as ER which kept me captivated now bore me to death. Which is rather unfortunate…

All my other co-interns have taken off back to the city as soon as they were off work. I was intending to last night, until i had a page, 5 minutes past the end of my shift.

An elderly lady had fallen in the bathroom with a bump to the head. I calmly strode to the bathroom only to discover three nurses attempting to hoist a 100kg lady. I had to stop them, and then hunt around for a C-collar. And then we spent a good hour trying to figure out how to move a 100kg lady out of the bathroom without breaking any of our backs. The hoist machine was completely useless.

The other doctor in the Emergency Department, my co-intern, could not help me as he was fighting his own battles of running the entire emergency department by himself. (This is insane, country hospitals are so understaffed – a junior doctor to run the emergency department and another junior doctor to maintain order on the wards! And our hospital is servicing a population of 60000.)

With the collective effort of two porters, four nurses and myself, we finally managed to move the patient. And i had to crouch under the sink to stabilize the patient’s neck as we slid her out. So this is what a paramedic has to do – be creative.

Anyway, the lady’s fine, the nurses exhausted and the porters amazed. It was an adventure for me, but now i just want to grab the dogs from the kennel and make my way back to the city. This house is too quiet for my liking.

So i just ditched the new boy that entered my life a mere two months ago. I suppose that was a good achievement compared to the bloke i dumped after two weeks, after which i took a three year hiatus from relationships.

Amazingly i had much to learn, even though he was the greenhorn. (Which guy does not know that in a relationship, it is more emotional for women, and more physical for men?? Apparently this guy does not know that.)

A string of lessons for me to learn, some so simple i can’t stop internally berating myself for my stupidity. I am tempted to re-test my IQ given the depth of my stupidity that has gotten me quite appalled.

1. I thought i could go out with a guy who is inexperienced (read: no prior girlfriends before). Now i am much the wiser. I will die if i ever go out with a boy who has never even touched a woman before. See, i am in the relationship as the GIRLFRIEND, not the TEACHER. And i will no longer tolerate rib-crushing, boop-flattening, breath-squeezing hugs from any males anymore. And no, i am also not in the business of teaching you how to handle a woman with precious care. Wtf.

2. The boy must love himself.  This is one of the ultimate all-or-nothing laws for me now. A boy that whinges that he is fat and then binges at KFC and then refuses to go join a sport or hit the gym with me, is a crazy urn. Paunches are off-putting. Mate, if you can’t see your pubes when you stare down at your feet, you had better drop those flab.

3. The boy must be comfortable in his own body! A boy that keeps wanting to jump into bed and yet turns red and freezes when he tries to kiss me is such a turn off, it is cruel. So much so, one day i asked him point blank if he can drop his decks and strut in front of me buck naked without feeling self-conscious. He backed off. Pfffff….

4. He must be able to DRIVE! My ex drove so badly that one night i wondered why a seemingly intelligent woman like myself would actually sit in his car knowing full well that one of these days we are gonna crash and i will be one of those patients i see on the damn gurney. My ex speeds madly to impress me, and on one stormy night after i felt the car skidded, i calmly advised him to perhaps slow down. He snapped at me and a few minutes later the car’s safety feature flashed that the tyres were not gripping the road properly. Bless Mitsubishi. And oh did i mention, i had to drive to foreign places because he gets too nervous on unfamiliar roads??

5. Dreams baby, dreams. I need a guy who dreams big, not a guy who recoils in shock when i said i am intending to buy a house in an upclass area and that my children will go to private schools. And certainly not one that is contented with his DESK job, which is about to prematurely end anyway in less than a month because the company has gone bust!

6. My ex has never traveled, and he has no desire to either. He thinks his little town is the centre of the whole damn world. God, how ignorant.

7. My guy has to be a MAN. He will make decisions and he will be confident about it. He will be independent and he will have his own circle of friends. He will not eat takeaway because he is too self-conscious to eat in a restaurant (???); he will not make excuses about his immaturity and inexperience and blame it on me for being too demanding. ???

Now the massive warning signs along the way that i blatantly ignored…

1. When i cringe and squirm away from the male because i did not want him to touch me. And i thought i was just not use to him. *rolls eyes*

2. When i can cuddle and kiss my pooches and tell them how much i love them and how precious they are, and yet can barely bring myself to text the bloke “i miss you” because i don’t.

3. When i have to be the grandmaster of conversation for the both of us because my counterpart is too shy, and wants to go home at 10pm when we are at parties.

4. When he brought us to KFC on our first date. (This is one of the head-banging signs i ignored. KFC???)

5. And the ultimate deal clincher – when i realized that i never want this ignoramus to ever be the father of my children.


My co-intern is off on a half day today. That would leave me to manage all four wards, save for the emergency department. It’s not a big deal but sometimes I have to put in 3-4 hours of overtime. I don’t usually mind it but this week I am slightly more drained than usual and all I want to do is just pick the dogs up from the boarding kennel and drive back into the city. If I time it right, I could leave at my rostered time of 5pm, pick the dogs up before the kennels shut at 6pm and then make the 4hour drive back home. Otherwise it will just be too late and I will have to stick to the original plan of driving back at 8am tomorrow.

I’m quite exhausted. I have been heading to the boxing gym at 6am daily and the circuit training is very demanding. Especially the block runs. For some reason I have been straggling behind the pack in block runs, even behind the middle aged mothers. I find it harder and harder to haul my ass around, and I wonder if I had gained weight. I don’t think I have grown fatter but I must have bulk up ever since I switched my soccer training from that of a winger to a keeper. And I have lost the mental tenacity to push myself too. And I guess I’m mentally fatigued after breaking up with the ex two days ago although I have not thought much about him after the break as compared to before the break.

Anyway let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’m gonna attempt to clear all my tasks by 5pm, switch my pager off and scram before anyone can hail me down for another admit.

It’s strange but ever since I got my iPad and netbook, I stopped blogging. And surfing the net. Of course I still hop onto the Internet but it’s really more work specific than casual browsing. As a result I have also stopped blogging. Until yesterday when I hauled out my 17 inch Dell laptop because there is really nothing to do in the country, and rediscovered the pleasant happiness of aimless browsing and writing about my inner thoughts.

One thing that struck me after I ditched the ex, I suddenly reconnected with all my close friends who are located overseas. I spoke to them and it was not all about the ex. We caught up about each other and roared with laughter over little things and hear each other’s laments about life in general. It was sweet…and I suddenly miss them so much, I wondered if I should return to the Homeland to work. A feeling that does not hit me often, but when it does, it hits hard.

I miss my close friends, but I don’t call often. I have noticed this self-destruction. If I miss someone or something, I reduce the interaction so I become numb. Which explains why I hardly fly back to the homeland.

Anyway, just something to think about.