Long day

My co-intern is off on a half day today. That would leave me to manage all four wards, save for the emergency department. It’s not a big deal but sometimes I have to put in 3-4 hours of overtime. I don’t usually mind it but this week I am slightly more drained than usual and all I want to do is just pick the dogs up from the boarding kennel and drive back into the city. If I time it right, I could leave at my rostered time of 5pm, pick the dogs up before the kennels shut at 6pm and then make the 4hour drive back home. Otherwise it will just be too late and I will have to stick to the original plan of driving back at 8am tomorrow.

I’m quite exhausted. I have been heading to the boxing gym at 6am daily and the circuit training is very demanding. Especially the block runs. For some reason I have been straggling behind the pack in block runs, even behind the middle aged mothers. I find it harder and harder to haul my ass around, and I wonder if I had gained weight. I don’t think I have grown fatter but I must have bulk up ever since I switched my soccer training from that of a winger to a keeper. And I have lost the mental tenacity to push myself too. And I guess I’m mentally fatigued after breaking up with the ex two days ago although I have not thought much about him after the break as compared to before the break.

Anyway let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’m gonna attempt to clear all my tasks by 5pm, switch my pager off and scram before anyone can hail me down for another admit.


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