The demise of blogging

It’s strange but ever since I got my iPad and netbook, I stopped blogging. And surfing the net. Of course I still hop onto the Internet but it’s really more work specific than casual browsing. As a result I have also stopped blogging. Until yesterday when I hauled out my 17 inch Dell laptop because there is really nothing to do in the country, and rediscovered the pleasant happiness of aimless browsing and writing about my inner thoughts.

One thing that struck me after I ditched the ex, I suddenly reconnected with all my close friends who are located overseas. I spoke to them and it was not all about the ex. We caught up about each other and roared with laughter over little things and hear each other’s laments about life in general. It was sweet…and I suddenly miss them so much, I wondered if I should return to the Homeland to work. A feeling that does not hit me often, but when it does, it hits hard.

I miss my close friends, but I don’t call often. I have noticed this self-destruction. If I miss someone or something, I reduce the interaction so I become numb. Which explains why I hardly fly back to the homeland.

Anyway, just something to think about.


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