Car modifications

I need to change the tyres on my car. I have noticed the tread marks on two tyres are almost worn. On the 4 hour drive back from the country, I skidded not once, but five times, and I had to stay in the faster lane because the other half of the road was soaked and I was constantly skidding. Which of course is a dilemma since I was having to speed in the first lane in order not to road hog. I think I’m gonna get Yokohama tyres, Bridgestone does not seem to be very durable at all.

And since I am not getting a new car soon (I have decided 200000km will be the max mileage before I upgrade and I’m at 90000km now), I’m thinking of upgrading my car’s stereo. It’s ancient at the moment – one disc player and no jacks to play my iPod! Was looking at Bose (love their sound quality) but I don’t think it is as easy as getting a stereo and subwoofer and then bringing them to the mechanic to get them installed. Apparently some in built car stereos cannot be removed??

I will have to start asking for quotes I suppose…

On exciting work-related news, I have got a list of rotations for next year. I will be doing a medical year which is what I wanted so I’m really pleased. Hoping to get the rotations I want and my 5 week annual leave in the later part of the year so I can save enough to travel. Really estatic that my annual leave is not spilt into 2weeks/3weeks like this year. Makes it way easier and worthwhile to travel to far-flung areas!


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