Taken off

All my other co-interns have taken off back to the city as soon as they were off work. I was intending to last night, until i had a page, 5 minutes past the end of my shift.

An elderly lady had fallen in the bathroom with a bump to the head. I calmly strode to the bathroom only to discover three nurses attempting to hoist a 100kg lady. I had to stop them, and then hunt around for a C-collar. And then we spent a good hour trying to figure out how to move a 100kg lady out of the bathroom without breaking any of our backs. The hoist machine was completely useless.

The other doctor in the Emergency Department, my co-intern, could not help me as he was fighting his own battles of running the entire emergency department by himself. (This is insane, country hospitals are so understaffed – a junior doctor to run the emergency department and another junior doctor to maintain order on the wards! And our hospital is servicing a population of 60000.)

With the collective effort of two porters, four nurses and myself, we finally managed to move the patient. And i had to crouch under the sink to stabilize the patient’s neck as we slid her out. So this is what a paramedic has to do – be creative.

Anyway, the lady’s fine, the nurses exhausted and the porters amazed. It was an adventure for me, but now i just want to grab the dogs from the kennel and make my way back to the city. This house is too quiet for my liking.


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