DVD phase

I’m in a dvd phase at the moment – just spent $150 on DVDs, a mix of documentaries and sci-fi series (the sanctuary). Gosh I did not know that there are so many series out there. If not for my chance discovery of SFX magazine, I would still be pretty ignorant. And did I mention I totally heart IRT’s Deadliest Roads?? Lisa Kelly is way cool, wish I could drive a truck too!

Also I found out that next year my annual leave will come in a block of 5 weeks, so yay! Was planning to do a language immersion course in Japan but my mum really wants to make a trip to Europe with me, kind of like a mother-daughter trip thing, which is kindda cool. Anyway, we have decided to go Barcelona and Madrid instead so I can really work on my spanish and take the Spanish exam next year. I have been holding off on taking the exam for the last 4 years! When I’m in Guatemala early next year, I will be taking language lessons too, so that will be a good jumpstart to accelerate my Vocab learning.

Am in a really happy mood. 🙂 hopefully I can wake to go to the gym tomorrow. I was so psyched out by block runs that I refused to head to the gym this morning. Today’s trainer works hard on the cardiovascular side of stuff – you can tell training is more intense as more guys rock up to his circuits. We get a different trainer to run each morning circuit which adds a good variety to our workouts. Tomorrow’s trainer is more renowned for core muscle building so I’m not that stressed. Any maybe I will get myself one of those training gloves as I like how boxing adds to my training value. Will probably try to incorporate boxing into my soccer training when I return to the city to work next year.


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