Down and under

I have not been very happy later i have noticed. At first i thought since i was in a small town and there was no way i could pursue my regular soccer trainings (trust me, i have tried. I had a coach of the soccer team from the neighbouring town declined my offer of paid one on one session because he was intimidated and felt i was too professional since i train regularly in the city), i had not many other outlets to de-stress from work.

Things went along for a bit but i think it came to a head yesterday and now. I have managed to distill my unhappiness and crystallized it down to one issue – the incompetence of my consultants and the ignorance of the nurses. The difference between these two groups of people is that with my consultants, i only have to put up with them five minutes a day – that’s how long our medical ward rounds take. (For the non-medical people, medical ward rounds as opposed to surgical ward rounds, usually infamously, last up to 4 hours. So 5 minutes is just not cutting anything.)

And since the consultants are incompetent (that is extremely outdated with their management plans and highly unorthodox – for instance, one does not talk his or her patient out of a colonoscopy just because that is a risk of perforation, especially when there is a positive family history and now bleeding from the back passage. *rolls eyes*), i usually tweak their management plans with the help of advice from Registrars in the bigger city hospitals. As long as the patient gets better, they don’t really care.

With the nurses, it is a different kettle of fish altogether. They are certainly less well-informed than their city counterparts. I don’t mind teaching at all. What i really mind, is questioning me brazenly without any respect, and after i have calmly explained to them the rationale behind a particular action, they just ogle at me in utter disbelief, and simply target an (incompetent) doctor who will do their bidding. And the amount of badmouthing these nurses do is just madness. You do not stereotype and criticize doctors, let alone doing it in front of them.

This business about doctors bullying nurses is really bullshit. It is not so in the modern society anymore. I have seen more nurses bully doctors than the other way round. But i will admit one thing – it is different with the surgeons. However, if a surgeon does treat a nurse badly, then you can bet your life they treat their own peers as terribly too, so then it really ain’t a nurse-doctor issue.

I guess the thing that really frustrates me is that, there is absolutely nothing i can do to improve the system. All junior doctors who come through this hospital do so for only 15 weeks. Would a consultant create waves in their local community just on feedback from a junior doctor who will be there 15 weeks, or would it be easier to turn a blind eye since the disgruntled junior doctors will leave soon anyhow? And of course, the reality is that there is a shortage of nurses. The nurses who are rude, incompetent and lazy are the casual ones. Even if we provide feedback, there is no way that particular individual would be motivated to work on their behaviour, because why should they step out of their comfort zones, if the hospital will never fire them?

So where does that leave us?

A very pathetic bunch of junior doctors from the city who are desperately becoming very cynical and jaded with life.

I am so over this shit.


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