Christmas is a mere 3 days away. Yet in the Workland, there is hardly any Christmas festivity. No Christmas music, and minimal Christmas decoration. This time last year, i was in Japan, and there was certainly an air of festivity which is quite startling given Japan is predominantly heavily influenced by the Buddhist, Taoist and Shinto religions whereas Christianity is more common in the Workland! Apparently, in the Workland, people are trying to be sensitive to others who practice a different religion. I found that rather appalling. Instead of restricting our celebrations, why not simply celebrate everyone’s else, just like the Homeland? Would that not be more fun, more culturally sensitive, engaging and diverse?

Never mind. Sometimes, i think in this age of terrorism, we become so caught up in being ‘sensitive’ that we simply take a step backwards and withdraw into our comfort zone.

I am now playing Christmas carols on my laptop, trying to drum up the ambience around me. And the other interns do not mind and they are Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. And we live happily under one roof.

*shakes head*

And yes, i miss Japan dearly.



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