Applied for a travel money card today in preparation for my Guatemala trip. I must say that I have not been doing much planning for my trip. I’m not sure what the hell I’m gonna do with such haphazard organization when I get to Guatemala. I find it really difficult to plan given that for the first two weeks I will be with a volunteer agency doing some medical work from Monday to Friday. I’m not sure what the schedule is like and the times that places close. On the weekends, I am trying to organize trekking and hiking trips. It’s such a headache. Plus I intend to take Spanish lessons and when can I squeeze them in my day?

Anyhow I answered a few questions that the agency sent me today regarding my expectations and objectives for this volunteer assignment. I am hoping to be able to do some clinical work and not carer stuff. It really boils down to my Spanish proficiency. Although I have been taking Spanish lessons close to 7 years now, I think i barely progressed from a beginner’s level due to my severe lack in conversational practice. Also not to mention that I have been worse than slack in revising my Spanish of late.

So why did I choose to do some voluntary medical work in my precious annual leave? I’m curious about third world medicine. And I want to know what medicine in its basic purest primitive form is like, as compared to the highly political egoistical academic medical world that I have been exposed throughout my rather young career. Plus I intend to use this as a stepping stone in considering volunteering with Medecins Sans Frontiers. I guess I could use a sense of perspective as I’m starting to get rather jaded with unappreciative patients and abusive staff…


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