Merry Christmas everyone.

Christmas is very quiet today even though the parents are over from the Homeland visiting. I think I got to drum up the atmosphere by playing some carols later.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m mono polar or something. I seem to fizzle out when such occasions arise and yet I yearn to celebrate these festive days with more pomp. Maybe I am expecting too much. Maybe I watched too many movies. But I think I have to be the one that organizes such events because no one else around me seems to be doing it…

My parents got me a Christmas gift – a staggering $300 modem-router that I could not afford. I am a doctor yet I am still so poor; it’s bewildering. Anyway when it comes to the Internet, I’m still living in the dinosaur age. Or rather this country, despite being a first world nation, is lagging severely behind in its cable technology. Whinging about their services will take up a whole post so let’s just forget about it.

Anyway, I have a 5 year old modem that has no wireless capabilities. I connected my various laptops to the modem with long cables that snake through the house. Everyone who visited my house knows to be cautious lest they trip. Even the dogs, when they scamper around in the house, have learnt to be nimble and agile albeit, after a few noisy mishaps. I went with the cables because they were the most stable. Wireless systems are just not reliable.

But I was finally convinced to change my own ways. Not least because of the damn iPad. Friends and family (my parents!) tote their iPads at my place and groan when they discover I have no wireless. Also I’m sick of how untidy the place looks with the cable. And my younger dog whilst she was a puppy, had learnt to chew on one of my cables in her teething stage.

So point is, I got that modem. I was gonna pass on it after balking at the price, but my mother generously sponsored it. Which is a tad embarrassing, given she is almost retiring and yet still has to pay for my expenses! We re-fitted the place yesterday, cleaning up the cables and tidying up my study. After some hassle (which entailed calling the Internet company which took nearly 30minutes – best service in the country! *note sarcasm*), we got the wireless working and mostly everyone is happy. I still had my reservations and rightly so.

This morning, the wireless ain’t working, the signal is strong. No blaming the router cos we got the best one on the market. And supposedly I am also getting the best Internet service in town – $85/month for the most rapid ADSL in the country. Blah.

Anyway I think it’s time to get up and do some spring cleaning. We hired a skip to clear out the shed. The landlord is gonna pull the shed down (apparently it’s so old, it contains abestos??!) and erect a gazebo in its place – I’m looking forward to that. I have already looked at some of the outdoor furniture that I am intending to get.

It’s gonna be interesting since I still have unopened boxes in there from my move nearly 5 years ago. I hope more of the rubbish ends up in the skip rather than me keeping them for sentimental value, which tends to happen a lot!


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