Parents time

The last few days, I have been having dinners with my parents, just them and me. We have been having quiet talks over wine and steak, and tonight we had Indian. My mum and I had the opportunity to catch up on some mother-daughter quality time. Usually when the whole family is together with my younger brother, I tend to be the quiet one, lost in my own world, whilst my brother is the animated one, engaging my parents.

Anyway, tomorrow, after lunching with my parents, they will be taking the train back into the city and then jetting out of the Workland back home just before the New Year hits.

I’m gonna be sad. I can feel it already.

When I first came to the Workland to commence my first year of medical studies, I braced myself for the emotional onslaught and quickly adapted by avoiding going back to the Homeland. Now after nearly 7 years, I’m only finally getting used to this coming and going in my life. In a way, this has shaped me deeply. I have become much more independent and in some ways cold, as I learnt to harden myself, for I have learnt that Life is all about passing by. There’s no point in holding on.


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