2012 Resolutions

I have not clearly thought through any New year Resolutions since i started Medical School. I have been too busy working through the New Year usually.

This year is no different, except i do have some time on my hands now, but my heart is hammering and my blood pressure is pounding in my ears. I am trying not to psych myself out before my first overnight shift and my first stint ever, as the only doctor in the whole hospital. Oh, and i need to try to squeeze some shut-eye before my shift lest I AM THE ONE who collapses and warrants a MET call in the department.

But two resolutions that have popped up, and ones that have been recurring through the years:

1. Call my parents more often. At least weekly.

2. Write to my close friends more often. At least one letter to one friend a week.

Then of course, there are other things i want to do, but deep down i know it is probably more of an ideal and less of practical value.

1. Revamp my photography interest – i need to get my Flickr account in order.

2. One photo a day with corresponding caption, starting tomorrow, to remind me in years to come, how i spent each day. (I tried to do this earlier in the year, but i grew so busy that the habit never did stick.)

3. Organize photos from my travel and get the photo books ordered so i can finally put them on my bookshelf for viewing.

Then there are things that are less of a resolution and more of an obligation…

1. Study more, perhaps aiming to get a crack on Cecil’s Textbook of Medicine, so i can get started on Harrison’s, in time for my physician exams in 2014.

2. I NEED to find a way to ensure i read every issue of the medical journals i have subscribed to.

3. I want to do more locum emergency medicine shifts to raise my competency level.

All right, i better get started on UptoDate in preparation for my shift tonight. However, i have a strong sense of suspicion that it may not be too busy (i know this is contradictory) but whether it’s because everyone is partying or because it is so busy the consultants have to be roped in to help, is another matter…

Anyways, Happy New Year everyone!! May 2012 be a fruitful year for all! 🙂


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