Day 9/365

Light in my room has fused.
Not in the mood for long sentences today.
Mixed day.
Conflicting emotions.
Different reviews.
Discovered a complimentary chocolate in my in tray.
Medical records are very appreciative of my legible handwriting and detailed entries.
Im pleased.
Colleague is pissing me right off.
How can someone be so self-centered?
Lady of pleasure;
Of creature comforts.
And that ruined all the good sentiments,
Because Im perplexed.
Dont shirk your duties just because its coming to an end.
The world still goes on you know?
God you make me so bitter,
I wanna hurt you,
To show you what hardship is all about.

Deep breaths.

Moving on.

There are things going on in my life worth thinking about.
Not this.
Wondering how such wretched people can live on.

The other excitement?
Trying to find a travel sim card!


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