It’s not ok to stare

I bore witness to a patient consult that should have never happened today.

(On morning ward rounds…)

“Where is the patient?” the consultant asked.

“She’s taking a shower,” the nurse replied.

Consultant strode up to the bathroom with me shuffling behind, and…instead of knocking on the door, she unlocks the door, and stepped straight into the bathroom. She also held the door wide open for me.

I hurriedly stepped in.

“Mrs Smith?” the consultant called out, as if we were at someone’s front door.

The patient peered from between the shower curtains. An elderly patient.

If the patient was surprised at this visit, she surely wasn’t showing it.

And the consultant proceeded to tell the patient that she was probably right to go home today. As if it was the most natural thing for anyone to do – to have a whole conversation when you are buck naked with water cascading down your breasts.

What f**k shit.

Some people ought to be smacked.



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