Work-Recreation-Study balance. I think this is going to be my life. I used to harbour the fantasy that one day i would never need to study again. But since enrolling in the physicians training program, i have gradually abandoned that notion. I am back to the same old boat of trying to balance my life. 26 years old now, and still fighting the same battles i did when i was 15. Some things never change.

First soccer game of the season starts tomorrow. First real match as a goalkeeper. We have been playing friendlies but the stakes ain’t as high as tomorrow. I hope i am an aggressive keeper tomorrow, proactively going after the ball rather than sitting like a passive duck. Sometimes i zone out and i am not sure how to be more aggressive. It’s strange…and funny.

This weekend is packed. I have discovered the joys of staying at home the whole day, bumming on the couch watching dvds. Funny how everyone seemed to instinctively understand this concept, yet it took me more than 26 years to realize the joys of doing nothing.

Oh well.

Got to go. Party tonight. Dressing up stresses me up. Thankfully i have a group of cool friends that accept me for who i am.


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