Since my Guatemala trip, i had only take one Spanish lesson. One. So much for my grandiose plans of taking the DELE (Spanish exams) at the end of this year. And oh, 4 years in the pipelines. Hah. So i was all about giving up on learning any languages since my sports and work are taking so much of my time. Till i met this Spanish-speaking patient…

Well, ok, maybe not Spanish. Italian. Unfortunately, since she speaks zilch English, and everyone on our wards speaks zip Italian, i hazarded some Spanish (albeit extremely simplified, bordering almost on primitive?) which achieved us some minimal understanding between the patient and us treating doctors, and a really really impressed Registrar of mine.

And as i spoke to the patient, i found myself easily transiting into the Spanish language, almost as if i was back in Guatemala, when i was helping out in a small clinic. And Jesus, i miss Antigua so much. I could almost smell the Guatemalan air (not very different really *rolls eyes*), hear the cars and the quiet chatter of the native tongue, and definitely, most definitely, picture the quaint cobblestone streets and the majestic Agua Volcano in the background. Beautiful.

Anyway, i digress.

So that spurred me on, and i made contact with the Spanish school i was with in Guatemala as i know they provide online Skype lessons to students. And i really needed the conversation practice.

So that’s why i’m up at this unearthly hour, 4.45am to be precise, ready to start my Spanish lesson before i head off to work. Except…the lesson never occurred. It was only after 20 minutes of fruitless waiting [actually not very fruitless, since i managed to pay my bills, buy a dog basket, and bought trial online Japanese lessons (if i’m restarting my Spanish lessons, why not go on a roll and continue my Japanese ones too, especially since i have not touched any Japanese work in almost A YEAR)], and after frantically scrolling through my emails with the school did i realized why.

I hate you timezones.

So when i said i wanted a Tuesday lesson, i meant Tuesday Workland time. Except you guessed it, it is not Tuesday Guatemalan time.

[Sidetrack: Jeez, i just got a missed Skype call from one of the maestros?? Now i’m totally confused and perplexed. I have double checked, triple checked, definitely only Monday in Guatemala. Quite possibly a coincidental error…]

Anyway back to sleep. Keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow i don’t have to wake at 4.45am for nothing again.


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