People management

today’s game had the flavour of my worst nightmare and best dream.

first half was a nightmare. i started warm ups with the assistant coach and everything was going well. then the head coach was being an arse (typical male, who will not listen to anyone even though he has minimal soccer knowledge!) and that completely killed my mood, which affected my moral and that translated directly onto the pitch. during the game i was contemplating quitting this team, and i was restraining myself from walking off the pitch. the assistant coach, who ironically has coached before, and is more sensitive to female players, noted a sense of change. he understood the root of the problem. he knew the head coach had to tone it down.

we are a womens team who is competitive but also learning and wanting to have fun. unfortunately, the head coach is regarding this as a military school, barking orders and demanding they be adhered to. and i hate to say this, but i guess if you are a young male, and put in charge of a team of women, your ego would naturally rise. like the saying goes, if you really want to know a man’s character, give him power. this head coach flops miserably. and what is more despairing is that i am in his team. he demands my respect. but he has none. because respect is earned from me, not roughly taken by. he needs to understand that women are more sensitive than men, and that not all women take kindly to harsh words. we tend to take things a bit more personally. the other hot-headed personality on the team is our secondary keeper. that makes two goalkeepers. i fear something more serious is going to happen if this pig-headed coach does not change.

anyway, after the first half, i was benched. i think the head coach did not want to field me, because he was being spiteful. *rolls eyes* fortunately, the assistant coach knew i was one of the senior players and insisted i be put back on the pitch. i was field as striker. before i stepped onto the pitch, the head coach looked me in the eye and told me to prove it to him. well i did. actually i have been wanting to do so for a long time. no one seemed to understand the role of a striker or at least the positioning. and this is ironic, coming from me, since i was the world’s worst striker two years ago, and i thought i was suited to being on the back line. but it seems that my stint as keeper as opened my eyes, and finally grasped hold of the game’s strategy.

anyway, point in short, i had a fantastic game. some of my mildfielders actually commented that they would like me up front instead because i was giving them options. one of my midfielders even marveled that i was quite ‘speedy’ as i was always off to the ball. enough self-bragging but it felt good. especially when the coach blames the keeper for any goals scored. pathetic. it is hard enough to find a keeper, let alone a female one. we should be more appreciative and encouraging rather than abusive. no wonder it is such an unpopular role!

anyway a part of me is glad that i have established the club and be on the committee. i am learning so much. and it really is a lot of people management. dealing with different personalities, resolving friction, reconciling differences. i have an inkling that these skills are going to come in very handily in my future ventures.


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