Thank God today was slow.
And merciful.
Actually had an hour to sit down,
And work on my presentation.
Deadline = 3 days

Auditory hallucinations last night,
Just before I shook off my insomnia,
3 hours before I was due to wake.
Woke myself up responding to the auditory hallucinations.
Think I’m getting a little too stressed.

Had a great time at basketball today.
But my knee still aches,
And my ankle groans with the weight on it,
From soccer.
Body on the line,
But zero appreciation,
Always wanting more.

Some competitiveness is good.
But too much rivalry can kill.
When will these people ever learn?
When will evolution breed them out?

Time to sleep.
I’m exhausted.
Being the leader is a rather thankless job.
What does Obama get out of being President?

Need to study.
It’s almost a desperation hitting crescendo.
Need to progress to the next skill level.

Something’s gonna give.
This lifestyle is no longer sustainable.


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