Critical care

Over the past few days
My stint in gen med wore me out
No one seemed to know what they are doing,
No one seemed to care,
And worse no one was receptive to their mistakes,
Till I rammed it down their throats,
And documented it,
And made them feel threatened.

This constant pushing and prodding
I’m so sick of it all.
I even thought that maybe crit care is not my calling after all

Then I met the crit care reg
And the anesthetic reg
Tall strong bold and confident
And both of them so polite and yet so firm
Calling the shots whilst the donkeys ran astray
And I was so awestruck
Or maybe starstruck
And very very inspired.
I want to be like them.

Crit care is for me.
And maybe then I can make a proper difference in gen med.


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