One word, wow.
It was a date,
No matter which angle I looked at it.
I try not to call dinners, dates.
But this was one,
Through and through.
It went really well.
I thought we should have coffee,
My friends recommended
In case I needed to bail out.
We ended up having dinner,
Because we were both starving.
We were dressed rather formally
Both of us after work
He in a suit
Me in formal hospital clothes
I did not have much expectations
He sounded jaded over the phone
I was cynical
But we chatted for 2.5 hours
Literally about everything and anything!
A feat I never thought possible.
He walked me to my car
And we stood in the car park chatting for another 20minutes!
Then I had to apologetically terminate it
Cos both of us needed to work tomorrow.
I couldn’t help but notice the stars were in line.
It was weird.
I had a good engaging day at work.
Then I found the perfect parking lot,
In the city no less!
Then he recognized and approached me
I didn’t even have to call!
And we ate in a Malaysian restaurant
Where we sat on table 8
(can this get any more surreal??)
And I learnt more things we had in common.


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