Family physician

After living 8 years in the Workland,
And 2 years as a doctor
Telling my patients how important it is to see their GPs
I bit the bullet
And found myself one.

Initially i was worried about finding a terrible one.
I had past experiences
Where I was professionally disgusted with the GP’s bedside manner.
Given I’m a fellow medical professional,
And have a higher tolerance and empathy for my colleague,
I still recoiled at the lack of interest.
If I can feel that way,
How about the general public??

In the end,
The decision was left to fate
And I am happy with the outcome.

So I have to be on 6 weeks of doxycycline
Malaria prophylaxis during my Papua New Guinea stint
I hope I do not develop hallucinations
Like my American counterparts in Guatemala.

Now for bloods on Saturday.


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