I have a neighbor
Mid 60s
Alone and perpetually angry all the time
Came banging on my door after 10pm last night
To complain about my dogs barking in the morning
I was not surprised
Because they did bark
As the dogs of two different families across the street went off too
It was a few short yaps
He was irate
And when I politely told him what happened
He aggressively stated he didn’t care
And just told me to sort it out
With the other people
As long as my dogs shut the hell up
This is the third time.
I’m pissed.
This guy even complained about my heater being too loud and told me not to use it
In winter no less??
When I got the workmen to check it out
They gave me sympathetic looks
When we approached him
He said the other neighbour’s heater was also noisy
This is a simple case of someone
With strong personal issues
Who is incompetent about managing it
And therefore blames everyone around him
And transfers his stress across
Anyway I’m truly getting a headache
He was the one sore point in my otherwise fantabulous day yesterday
My knee jerk reaction is to argue with him
Fortunately for him,
I lack the energy or the mental capacity to hold a full scale argument
And an insomniac should be treated with kindness
I took the day off work today
I’m gonna observe what the hell goes on.
One more time,
And I may escalate this to the police.
He just needs some strong diazepams.
What the hell.


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