Drug addict.
Innumerable social issues.

Multiple presentations to the emergency department.
Escalated and escorted by the cops.

Then he came back on my shift,
Was ignored by triage and left to the last.
I picked him up.
The luck of the draw.

Something wasn’t right,
It didn’t feel like he was faking it,
Just for the meds,

I said keep him,
Take some bloods.
They said WHAT?!
And threw a fit.

Chuck him out
They demanded.
He belongs on the streets.
He’s just playing you.

I refused.
What if he has a true pathology I retorted.
They backed down.

Lab tests came back.
They were through the roof.
No one uttered a sound when he was admitted into the wards.

That was close.
I thank God I trusted my judgement and my values.

We should check for HIV.


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