So it’s official today.
The Boy and I decided to be mutually exclusive.
Upgraded to Boyfriend.

I’m so scared.
What if this doesn’t work out too?
I will really lose all hope in mankind.

And my heart will really break this time.
Because this time,
I know
I’m falling head over heels for this guy.

If I want to stop
I have to do it now
Otherwise it will be too late.

I wanted to delay the decision
Till I get back from overseas in 6 weeks.
But it suddenly dawned on me
That if I’m so hesitant
Somehow when I get back
The Boy may not be there anymore
Because his gestures were not reciprocated.
Whose fault will that be?

So now it’s official.
The close friends all got a text.
Facebook will remain silent.
Hints will be dropped at dinner conversations
So good friends will get the heads up.

Already it seems
I’m starting to be accepted into circles not open to singles.

“Shall we go on a double date?”

This should be fun. 🙂


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