Being the last minute person that I am
I of course decided to look into my prepaid travel money card
And see how much funds I have left
Since I’m about to make another transfer.
5 hours before my flight,
I should add.

I have not used the card since I travelled to Guatemala in February.

So when I saw the account balance was zero,
And the last transaction was the day before
And that some of the transactions were in Bogota
Which I initially mistaken for Colombia
(so clearly I have not been there,
And also I can’t be in two places at once)
I knew my account had been hacked.

I wasn’t surprised
As I had been pre-warned when I was in Guatemala.
It is inevitable really.
I mean I used the ATM of a reputable bank (Citibank)
And I need access to funds
So there’s no way around it.

I’m just glad I checked before I made another transfer.

And when I get back from Papua New Guinea,
I have to start the tedious process of disputing these bogus transactions.
Fortunately for me
I do not remember how much I have left in the account
Or I would have been devastated.

Now I just wonder,
Apart from carrying loads of cash,
How can one gain access to funds
In countries with high fraud?


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