Clash of cultures

So here we are again,
At the same familiar crossroads.
I’m rather sick of it.
I choose the same path all the time,
Though I think of straying on occasions.
Unfortunately, some values are deep-rooted,
Though I’m unsure of the rationale behind it.

I may be too easy at times,
So I send my girlfriends to help in my stead.
And the digging has revealed pertinent questions,
My hand was forced
And difficult questions had to be asked via text.
And values revealed via messages.

I’m rather sick of this.
Relationships are too difficult.
And I will be 4 weeks incommunicado.
This is really not the ideal time to pull such shit.

Dear Lord,
Can we really trust people these days?
People and their needs.

This leap of faith is not enjoyable.
This courtship business is not fun
Can I trust a reformed wild party animal?


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