There’s an elephant in the room.
And I’m not good enough, blind enough, or ignorant enough to leave it alone.
I need to talk about it.
But he’s not broaching the topic.
This is leading to a ruinous end
Because I can feel my resentment building.

It made me think
And I understood why now.
All these years I chose not to let anyone be close to me
Boy or girl
Because I hate these feelings of limbo
Of fucking elephants crowding my headspace
It drains me
So I chose to be an emotional loner.

Love is not straightforward.
It’s not risk free
Before or after marriage
Before or after children
Death will do us part
Then the secrets will leak from the grave.
So then tell me,
Why is 75% of the population committing themselves to this union?
Why should i do the same,
And when I don’t,
Suffer the judgement of these other fools?


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