Monthly Archives: October 2012

You just fucked up Firefox.

Not starting when i needed you to, is UNACCEPTABLE.

Your only saving grace is that Internet Explorer was sadly a disappointment as usual.

I have now downloaded Google Chrome as a backup.

But you know what?

I’m actually enjoying the clean crisp fuss-free experience.

No second chances in Life mate.


Exclaiming to me that you will not put high flow oxygen on a hypoxia patient till I review him,
And then proceed to rudely hang up the phone,
Is a blasphemy.

You are a cardiac nurse.
Behave like one.

Telling me that I should have explained myself to you,
That I’m busy managing an asystolic patient hence I cannot deal with this slightly hypoxic patient
Is simply unacceptable.

Call a Code if you are so unsure of yourself.

It’s pathetic.

Camped with my teammates.
Friends and pooches.
We had the beach all to ourselves.
The dogs ran free.
And I discovered Fle doesn’t run off,
She came when I called.

We played futsal
And contact rugby!
We stumbled and tackled
And rolled over the grass and sand.

We inspected the ecology of the place
Sat under the sun chatting
Climbed hills
Drank beer
Laughed loads.

And now I’m home
And I miss the trip heaps already.

I have had loads of fun.

Just bought a house
On a whim,
I looked at ads
Whilst I was on the toilet
That was Monday.
The inspection was on Thursday.
Unbelievably I could make it.
And you know what?
I had an appointment with my accountant on that morning.
He said it was a good investment.
I suspected I will fall in love with the unit.
My parents agreed.
And I did.
Love it.
Fitted my dogs.
Parents approved.
The deal was signed


Sitting in my study room for the first time in more than a year.

Since my housemate moved out,
And I was reluctant to find another,
I have been hanging out in the spare double bedroom,
Neglecting the back one.

But it’s time to put some serious study habits in place.
Where the bed does not beckon
And the computer does not distract
(The iPad on which I’m typing this entry does not count!!)

I have forgotten how wonderfully conducive the study room is.
Massive windows facing my large backyard.
No noisy neighbors walking on my street to disrupt my concentration.

Loving life. 🙂