Started nights.
Had a particularly brutal shift last night.
Was looking enviously at the intern who was covering the medical wards.
She was lazing on the couch watching videos on her laptop all night long!

I was relentlessly moving up and down 4 flights of stairs
As I raced from the oncology ward to the cardiology ward and to Emergency to manage my patients.
I felt so physically tired that my muscle aches were palpable.
I don’t usually even feel this tired after my soccer training!

Anyway I knew I was in retail therapy mode
To smooth my bruised morale.

Went into a quaint bookstore
A dying breed
Superseded by online giants,
The likes of book depository and amazon.

Browsed and within minutes found myself books that I would never have stumbled upon
Unless I was browsing in a bookstore.
And that’s the drawback of online shopping.
You tend to see the popular, the latest and the most expensive.
Seldom will you discover the old esoteric books,
Or books by independent publishers or small time once-off authors.

Found three pictorial books and a travel book.
Dropped one hundred bucks without batting an eyelid
Much to my appall.

Then came home and check book depository to see how much the books were sold for.
If you don’t already know,
Book depository is my favorite hangout
And where all my income goes.
That and the DVD online store.
And I suspect the latest phase of online casual clothes shopping is going to infect me soon.

But anyway,
I got them way cheaper than Book depository.
I was really not expecting that!

So happy and excited!!!
Love finding these esoteric books.
I will probably ever only see them in second hand bookstores.

Oh, one of them is a book about the history of zombies.
Love zombies!
This will complement my Resident Evil series,
Which I wanted for my 21st birthday present,
Much to the astonishment of my parents.



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