Spent the whole day youtubing soccer skills.
Defending skills.
Amazed and in awe of people who possess those impressive footwork.

Inspired to train a lot more,
Been working on my juggling skills
And training with the wall.
Bought a couple of soccer coaching apps
With videos to boot.
Speed agility ladder drills.
And a proper workout program to follow.

Can’t wait for pre-season to start.
Made contact with three clubs.
Possibility of starting a training with a new club this Thursday,
But slightly apprehensive because I think the other players may be a good 5-6years younger than me.
Envy the girls who had the opportunity to train at a young age,
But I know I am blessed myself.

Determined to train as a defender now.
No more ifs or buts.
No more shuffling around.
I crave stability in my soccer development
So I can work on my skills proper.

5 days of soccer a week.
Will that be too much?
On my time and my joints?

Need to really plan my time now,
Have I set my priorities right?
Work, study and play.
Timeless priorities that never change throughout my life.


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