Reaping the benefits of my taxes

So a friend wrote an X-ray referral.
And I impersonated as my own doctor
To get my results.
Seriously I’m not spending $60 to see my general practitioner just to get a result and further management plan.
I have the utmost respect for GPs,
Their work is challenging
But at this point in time,
I think I have slightly more experience in dealing with sports injuries.
Also I was not able to get an appointment till Wednesday
And there’s no way I’m waiting till then to find out if I have a fracture.
Anyway I don’t.

After footing an exorbitant price for a mere X-ray
Which my extremely pricey private health insurance does not cover
(Oh because it’s outpatient not inpatient,
Why am I paying top cover again?)
And the government only subsidize less than half
(Now I understand why the emergency departments are chocker block all the time,
Because the services EDs provide are free!)
I rushed to apply for Medicare.

When one is young,
One ignores Medicare until one needs it.
Even the person processing my application caught on
And laughed
Because I came straight from the radiology department to the Medicare department.

So X-ray done.
Medicare application done.
Medicare refund done.

And since I was at the mall
I might as well get my eyes checked
Since Medicare pays for the eye exam
(My private health insurance does not)
But I get two frames worth $350 for only $15
Because this time my private health pulls through but Medicare doesn’t.
What intricacy.

So my sight deteriorated.
I noticed it a few months ago when I was playing futsal.
I was missing all the balls
Because I kept misgauging the heights.

Anyway there was this particularly funky red frame that I absolutely love.
But I could not get it.
No one will take me seriously in the hospital.
Maybe the only ones who will approve of this frame
Are the young nurses in my hospital.

Can you imagine an 80year old trusting me?
I already look young enough
And have to walk around with a huge name badge declaring that I’m a doctor
Or everyone else keeps assuming I’m the student,
Including the locum consultant.

So I settled on the same frame in navy blue,
Which was a notch down in intensity.
Really like it.
Can’t wait to get my new specs in two weeks!

Now to arrange for a dental appointment!


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