New beginnings

I feel like I’m writing my hopes for the new year.
Analyzing myself in significant events,
The different aspects of my life.
I guess it ain’t matter,
Since it’s my birthday. 😀

2 weeks go I went for pre-season training.
I played as stopper and had a great time defending.
The strikers were astounded,
And called me a human shield.
I took all the balls and deflected them left right and centre,
One of the coaches actually checked to make I was ok and not being bullied.
(That, by the way, is refreshing.
The last three years, I have only met selfish coaches.)

There was a guy there.
I have never seen him before.
He complimented me on a few occasions for good defending.
There was also the vice-president of the club,
Who made a comment and asked if I decided to come back into soccer.
He was also remarking about my defending skills.
Fortunately I was having too much fun to behave awkwardly with compliments.
I do not take compliments very well.

At the end of the session,
The person whom I thought was our coach,
Told me he was the juniors coach,
And was actually being the caretaker of the senior womens teams till a coach has been found.
He asked me if I have actually played with another club before.
It then dawned on me that these people either thought I was a beginner or had retired.

At the end of it all,
He asked if I could be available for a pre-season friendly next week.
And then introduced me to the foreign guy,
You guessed it.
He is the new coach,
And I managed to impress him enough during the pseudo-try out.
Holy shit!!!!!
Had I known there was a try-out,
I would have hightailed it out of there.

And I found out he used to coach the army womens team.
For some unexpected reason,
(I hope I’m that grasping at thin straws here for I am well-known for being overly optimistic.)
I felt better.
If he could handle female army recruits,
We should get on a little better.
In my experience,
Army recruits have attitude and cheek
Because they are independent and intelligent.
Men who are not intimidated by them are a rarity.
God knows how I managed to unwittingly turn all my previous coaches against me
Because I so much as gave a strange look at their poor coaching techniques.

I hope the pre-season friendly would be good.
I’m all pumped
And definitely gonna work my ass off to make sure it ain’t warming the bench.

My only worry is that my work schedule would muck things up
And make me skip too many training sessions and matches
To deprive me of a regular spot on the team.

Only two things can circumvent that.
Divine intervention.
And to be good enough such that the team wants me on in order to progress up the league.


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