Sleeping late

Starting to develop the habit of sleeping late…again.
Funny how these habits creep up on you so insidiously.
I only realized that I have a sleep debt
When I felt I really needed coffee to get me going today.
I don’t usually drink coffee!

On other stuff
I’m over the moon with soccer.
Had my first pre-season soccer friendly yesterday.
It was fun fun fun!!

I suspect I will be playing central midfield or defensive midfield next year.
I noticed how much I drifted between the strikers and the defenders
Patrolling the strip of land
That I affectionately termed No Man’s Land
Between the forwards and the backs.
It is a natural tendency i suppose.

I also like the coach,
He seems approachable
And he seems to know what he’s doing.
But I will stop short of saying he’s fantastic
In case I shoot myself in the foot.

Impromptu Futsal match today.
We thrashed our opponents 12-2.
I’m liking how the lull in soccer is starting to subside
And we are building up in anticipation of the new season.

Was contemplating playing for two teams in two different leagues next year
But now I’m really wondering if my joints can hold up
And if my body can take such physical pressures…


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