Last day

I can hear my parents pottering in my living room,
As they blitz around
Doing their last minute packing.
My immediate and extended families are returning to the Homeland today.

It has been a wonderful time over Christmas, my birthday and my mother’s birthday.
There was a day I came home from work
And got really excited because I knew my parents were home.
Just the fact that there’s someone home to greet you after work is a blessing.
But I knew this was a fleeting luxury
And had the familiar dampening of excitement
Lest I get used to it
And be very sad and disappointed when they all leave.

I really dislike this inter-continental lifestyle.
On one hand,
The work-life balance is much better in the Workland.
On the other,
My family and childhood friends are in the Homeland.
This constant struggle to bridge the chasm
To plug the holes
And grit my teeth
And forget the emptiness
Can be very painful.

It makes me a colder person
With a harder exterior.


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