I woke up,
And the first thing I desperately want to do
Is to find a chapel to pray deeply.
But such a living space is a luxury this atheist country does not have.

I need immense strength to get through this day
And the next week.
One person has never tested my patience for this long.

I have never met such passive-aggressiveness,
A person who slithers like a snake amongst people
Who smiles warmly at you
But stab you in the back,
All the time with a sickening smile.

Dear lord,
How does this person live?
I really don’t care,
But she’s out to ruin mine.

What the fuck.
Why can’t these people just deal with themselves.
Can’t they see where their lives are heading?
Even if they choose so,
Why must they take others along with them.

So sick of this.


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