Very jittery and slightly stressed.
Human relations are complex.
At least I’m growing wiser
Because now I can predict when things are gonna hit the fan
Obviously I have learnt to understand myself more.

Two sides.
Fooling around and being deadly serious.
So extreme
That I think people do not know what to take.

I try to mediate but it’s difficult.
I know i can’t work with many people when I’m in a competitive mood.
For some reasons my expectations rise to dizzying heights.

What am I to do.
The only consolation is that I saw this coming.
The second consolation is that I’m mature now to decide to work on it rather than throw in the towel which I would most certainly have done in my younger days,
And create a lot of chaotic history in the process.
But have I grown wise enough to know how to handle this?


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